Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pack your Lunch

Even if you are only spending $5.00 dollars a day to eat out for lunch, the average person will work 5 days a week, so... in a month's time you would work at least 20 days and up to 24 days. At 20 days of packing your lunch you have saved $100.00.

I don't buy soda pop or candy out of the vending machines. I drink the "free" coffee at work, I take a re-fillable water bottle, I either drink water or Crystal light (individual packets) or I make big jugs of iced tea. This is such a painless way to save money ~ add this $100.00 to your savings account.

What to Pack:: Invest in some type of Rubbermade containers of various sizes, think the Dollar store.

The ol' soup and sandwich:: lunchmeat, tuna, cheese, PB &J, Wraps, Bagels, be creative.

Home made Burritos:: Last night I made spanish rice, taco meat, refried beans, grated cheese , sour cream and salsa... When dinner was finished I made 5 burrito's with the left-overs. Individually wrapping them in plastic wrap. I will be using these already made burrito's for the next few days. You can also stick these in the freezer....much cheaper than Taco Bell.

Left Overs from the Night Before:: Chicken, Rice, Potatoes, ...... I actually make Rice-a-roni a lot and pack that to work. I love it.

Salads:: Greens, veggies, pack your cheese and salad dressing separate to avoid sogginess. Fruit salad, Pasta salad, potato salad.

Cottage Cheese / Fruit / Crackers/ :: canned or fresh fruit any type of crackers.

Cheese and Crackers.

This will get you started on the path of packing your own lunches. Enjoy!! Have a Fabulous and Frugal day!!!

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  1. One thing I left out was Tuna salad or Chicken salad and crackers.. that is another good lunch