Friday, September 23, 2011

Garden Harvest

Thought I would share what I picked out of my garden about 5 minutes ago.  Will be making my first batch of salsa this weekend.
Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laundry Soap

Okay...  Here it is!!!  Everyone has been asking me to post my laundry soap recipe so... here you all have it

2 cups Borax
2 cups Super Washing Soda
1/2 bar of Fels-Naptha (grated with the cheese grater)
Mix together with a spoon ~ 50 strokes
Cover in a plastic container~ and voila' laundry soap

Note: This soap does not foam or suds...  it is mellow and smells delicious and clean
and you only have to use 2 tablespoons of the soap for a load of laundry, you can use 3 tablespoons if you have a pretty soiled load of laundry.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tomatoes, Tomatoes!!!!

I totally had to re-post "The Joys of Tomatoes" I seem to once again have an over abundance which is leaving me with tomato sandwiches everyday. I am not complaining, I love love love them... and the ones at the store are never as good. I will probably be making a batch of salsa this weekend.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!

Fabulous & Frugal: The Joy of Tomatoes

Fabulous & Frugal: The Joy of Tomatoes: I have an over abundance of Tomatoes from the garden... I never thought I would ever admit this, but I am getting pretty sick of tomatoes. H...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Easy Way To Save Money

Lets face it... There is no easy or painless way to save money.  In order to save, you are literally doing without, and making sacrifices.  I save my change, and I put a little money away each month, sometimes it is only 50 dollars.  I keep telling myself that this little by little savings attempt is going to change my life.  Last month I got a surprise orthodontist bill.  My daughter was due to get her braces off, and I had just paid off the last 1200 dollars that I owed in February.  So imagine my surprise when I got a bill for 879 more dollars.  They were for the retainers and must be paid in full or they would not be removing the braces.  I picked my jaw up off the floor and went to change my pants. 
At first I was shocked, and then mad.  But what can you do?  I gathered my wits, and came up with the idea to have a yard sale, I needed to get rid of some crap anyway, might as well make some money.  I cried and whined to my working daughter and asked for help paying the bill which netted me 255 dollars toward the payment.  I made 170 dollars at the yard sale, it was an impromptu yard sale, one day no advertising, so that was not so bad.  I used my insurance reimbursement check to the tune of about 230 dollars....  and took all the rest out of my savings account.
I was thrilled with my creative money endeavors, but extremely sad to take money out of my precious savings account. 
When I took the money to the billing office at the Orthodontist... I told them that they needed to take me out to dinner. 
I am relieved and happy to have this terrible bill out of my way~ forever by the way, my daughters braces are off and she has a beautiful smile.  I just have to get back to cutting back and doing without, so that I can replace that money in my savings account.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's In Your Wallet?

My frugal life has apparently left me watching too much TV because I am soooo sick of the Capital One commercials.  You know the ones...  where the neanderthals run around pillaging in furs and chains with their medieval looking swords, and balls with spikes on chains, encouraging everyone to charge everything in site so that you can get rewards back. 
Have these neanderthals checked the interest rates of Capital One lately?  I am telling you, don't be a NEANDERTHAL, and put that credit card away.  Better yet, cut it up and pay it off.  You will money ahead.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!! 

Money Drains

I wanted to share a post that I found over at The Wisdom Journal. Here are 21 yes count them up 21 huge money drains.  How many are you guilty of?  How many am I guilty of?  When you see the yearly cost of convenience, negligence, and indulgence....  I think it makes it easier to live more simply.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

How Convenience, Negligence, and Indulgence Can Rob You Of $500,000
Posted: 11 Sep 2011 11:04 PM PDT

There are a lot of “major” money wasters and I’ve covered several of them in past articles (read The REAL Top Money Drains) but those are usually easy to spot. What isn’t so easy to spot are the little leaks, the little foxes that spoil the vines. Far too often small amounts of cash slip through our hands and because the amounts aren’t very large, those spending indiscretions aren’t considered critical or even slightly important. Most of them occur without a thought.

That’s unfortunate because I’ve found that small amounts, over time, can compound into very large amounts (much like Ally Bank’s Raise Your Rate CD). Where the problem arises is that most, if not all, of these little expenses are nothing more than guilty pleasures or inattention to detail. But have you ever considered how much you and I are trading off for convenience and a little temporary enjoyment? What happens if we look at those expenses in annual terms and then compound them for 15 years? You might be surprised, and even a little disgusted. I was.

I looked at the following 21 money drains by compounding their costs monthly over 15 years at a 7% interest rate. Think about this, how old will you be in 15 years? Are you willing to give up these funds in exchange for a little convenience and temporary pleasure?

Money Drains

1. Overpaying for Car Insurance

With companies like GoInsuranceRates,com, there’s no excuse for spending too much for car insurance. With potential savings each year of $300 ($25/month), saving those funds for 15 years would mean an additional $7,924.06 in your pocket … all by going to a website and making sure your insurance premium was in line.

2. Coffee

It’s almost cliche to talk about cutting back on froufrou coffees and lattes as a way to save some money but it IS true. Buying just one brewed coffee (not even the latte!) per day at only $1.50 per workday could save you $10,301.27 over the next 15 years.

3. Food

Did you know the average family in North America throws out at least $600 in food per year because of spoilage … or the refusal to eat leftovers? Compounded with interest, that $50/month equals $15,848.11 over the next decade and a half.

4. Bank Checking Account Fees

There is absolutely NO excuse for paying bank fees! With a bank like PerkStreet (which has no monthly fees AND pays rewards, too) you can easily avoid losing $1,885.93 over the next 15 years.

Sign up for your own PerkStreet checking account here!

5. Late Fees

Whether late fees from credit cards, late car loan payments, or an occasional late mortgage payment, racking up just $200 per year in these “inattention to detail” fees amount to $5,282.70 in lost revenue to you.

6.Leaving Money in Non Interest Bearing Accounts

If you’re leaving money in an account that pays pitiful interest (like most traditional bank savings accounts), consider moving to an Ally Bank Savings account. Earning just $100 per year means you’re earning more interest and NOT losing out on $2,641.35.

7.Credit Card Interest Charges

With the average credit card balance running around $9,000 and the average rate at 14 percent, you’ll spend $1,127.87 per year in interest charges alone. Compound that amount over 15 years without paying off your card and you’ll give up $29,791.02 in interest … plus the $9,000. The BEST way to avoid interest charges is by moving your current credit card account to a ZERO percent balance transfer card like the Discover® Motiva Card.

Apply NOW for the Discover® Motiva Card!

8. Personal Care

Manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair highlights, massages. Sure, you may “deserve it,” but average just $20 per week on these personal items and you’re giving up $27,470.07 over the long run.

9. Car Washes

In my area, an automatic car wash costs $7. Get one twice per month and through in an annual detailing at $100 and you’re losing $7,078.82.

10. Daily Afternoon Soda

At only $1.50 per soda, and only buying one during the weekday, you’re still sacrificing $10,301.27

11. Lunches Out During the Week

I remember when I first started in the workforce and my buddies and I went out to eat once or twice per week. Once I figured out how much I was spending, I was horrified! With lunches today costing an average of $10, I don’t understand how some people do it every single day. I personally know people who make only about $10 per hour who eat out every day and thereby give up $66,033.81!

12. Vending Machine Snacks

You know the drill. At just ONE DOLLAR per day spent on junk food or candy you lose $6,867.52. How does that candy bar taste now?

13.Bottled Water

At $1.49 per bottle per day, it adds up! How does $14,365.00 for water grab you?

14. Unused Memberships

Between the gym, the hunting club, the country club, or some social club, if you aren’t using your membership, you’re not just wasting money. You’re giving up thousands in future cash. Just $50/month over 15 years means you lose $15,848.11.

15. Movies and Entertainment

With the high cost of movie tickets, combined with the exorbitant expense of 2 large drinks, a medium popcorn and a box of Sour Patch Kids, simply going to a move twice per month could wind up costing you $20,285.59 over the next 15 years.

16. Premium Fuel

I have a friend who cannot be convinced to put anything other than premium fuel in the tank of his … Buick. At 15,000 miles per year and 20 mpg and with premium fuel costing about 20 cents more than regular, that’s $150 per year and $3,962.03 over the next 15 of them.

17. Lottery Tickets/Gambling

I’m not sure if anything on this list is more wasteful than spending money on lottery tickets or gambling. Assuming $10 per week in lottery tickets (which is quite normal I’m told) you’re not winning millions … or even thousands … or even hundreds. You’re losing $13,735.03.

18. Premium Cable

Many of the premium packages as well as the satellite deals can easily cost $100 per month. Is it really worth it to be able to see every single NFL game or MLB game if it costs $31,696.23 over the next 15 years?

19. Cigarettes

It does seem that fewer and fewer people are indulging in cigarettes and given the high costs, it’s no wonder. Still, a pack per day smoker loses as much as $72,307.02 in our scenario.

20. Booze

I like a nice cold one as much as the next guy, but going out and spending $5 per day on a bottle of beer (or some other adult beverage) means you give up $34,337.58 assuming you save it instead.

21. Speeding Tickets

How much is your lead foot costing you? It doesn’t just cost you a ticket, there’s also the rising cost of car insurance (remember #1 above?). With the average ticket costing $175, getting one per year means getting there a few minutes early will cost you $4,622.37.

GRAND TOTAL: $392,283.63 of After Tax Dollars

And that is with AFTER TAX dollars. With a tax rate of just 28 percent, you’re looking at $544,838.38! That’s over a HALF MILLION dollars lost over 15 years on convenience, negligence, and indulgence?