Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation and Asian Market Shopping

Okay, first off...  I want to express how elated I am to have my camera back (Thank you Sis).  I had a wonderful, fabulous and terrific vacation last month in Northern California.  I got to spend time with my sister, my nieces and my future brother-in-law.  We had an amazing time, we went on a Catamaran, The O'Neil out in the Santa Cruz harbor.  We had bar-b-ques, and a wonderful 4th of July celebration.  The weather was perfect and the company was even better.  We ate at a couple of wonderful restaurants, and did some shopping.  One day my sister took me on a 4 mile walk down to the harbor and I thought I was going to die on the way back.  My chubby body the heat and flip flops.  I lived to tell......
So, while my husband and I were in California my future brother-in-law, had this 50 pound sack of Jasmine rice... I was immediately intrigued, we got to talking and he gets it at the local Asian market.  I got a GPS so, he put the address in the GPS for me.  On the way home my husband and I stopped off at the Asian market.  It was an amazing experience.  Lots of fresh vegetables, and the meat counter was spectacular as well as the seafood section.  They had everything, including dishes, and pots and pans.  So....I picked up this 50 pound bag of Jasmine rice for 26 dollars.  You do the math...  but It is around 50 some cents a pound...And...the rest is history.  I have been making some fabulous dishes w/my rice.

Today I took 2 left over hamburger patties and chopped them up with a can of Ro-tel tomatoes, I sliced up a zucchini out of the garden and threw in a can of black beans for fiber and color.  I used the empty can of the tomatoes to fill up with rice and throw that in the pan.... then added two cans of water to the mix...and let it cook. 
I just love to make creative dishes.  I also had some banana's that were turning, so I whipped up a loaf of banana bread which is in the oven now. 

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!

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