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25+ Home Made Blemish Busters

I found this fabulous information over at and just had to share.  These are home made remedies for skin blemishes.  I currently use apple cider vinegar and Witch Hazel on my face and back with very good results.  I think this is a frugal woman's handbook for inexpensive and natural ways to have better skin, with all the directions included.......

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

Quite a list of remedies here folks! These can be used for banishing a single pimple or two, treating acne, recipes for maintaining clear skin and I’ve also listed some tips at the bottom of the page to help with rosacea and a blackhead peel recipe.

Note: If acne seems to worsen at the beginning, keep in mind that the treatments are drawing out impurities and this could be the cause. Steady applications should show improvement over time. Also results will vary so if one doesn’t do the trick, try another until you find one that works for your skin.

Directions: Pick a remedy below then apply directly to blemish or your whole face then allow to dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes before washing off (unless otherwise noted).

Keep ingredients away from your eyes. If you are allergic to any of the items, do not use since topical applications could still trigger a reaction.

■Aloe vera: Apply fresh aloe vera gel to trouble spot and allow to dry before washing off.

■Alum: Mix 1/2 tsp alum with 1 TBS warm water to make a paste, apply to pimple.

■Apple cider vinegar: Recommended for acne, use a cotton ball to wipe vinegar over face. May sting a bit and may smell, but stick with it if you can. If it’s just a pimple or two that’s causing you grief, you can use a q-tip to dab on trouble spot as needed.

■Aspirin mask: This one’s from Dr. Oz…Crush 6-12 non-coated aspirins into a powder then mix with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes until the mixture dissolves into a paste then apply to breakout. Remove with baking soda and water. Why it works? Aspirin contains salicylic acid which acts as a chemical peel and lemon juice contains vitamin C. Source: Not recommended for those who suffer from rosacea since the salicylic acid could aggravate it.

■Banana: Mash a ripe banana then apply to face. Allow to dry and leave on for a couple hours (if possible) before washing off.

■Calamine lotion: Allow to dry overnight before washing off.

■Cinnamon & honey: Good for acne, mix cinnamon powder and honey into a paste then apply to skin. Allow to set for at least an hour before removing. Daily treatments are recommended.

■Cucumber mash: Peel then puree in a blender, apply to skin and allow to dry for at least an hour. Good for acne.

■Fuller’s earth: Make a paste of freshly squeezed orange juice with Fuller’s earth and apply to trouble spot. Allow to dry for 20 to 25 minutes before washing off. Can use grated orange peel instead (dried).

■Honey: Can dab pure honey to blemish, allow to dry then wash off or you can mix 50/50 honey and freshly squeezed orange juice before applying to skin. You may find it beneficial to apply a hot compress first.

■Milk of Magnesia: (acne) Apply to skin each night then wash off in the morning.

■Neem: Make an infusion by covering a handful of neem leaves with 2 cups of boiling water. Cover and steep for about 10 minutes then strain. Allow to cool then mix with Fuller’s earth to make a paste.

■Olive oil: (for acne and breakouts) After washing face with a mild soap, apply a light layer of extra-virgin olive oil to skin three times a day (do not wash off). An oily substance may seem contrary to logic (clogs pores) but olive oil seems to both heal the skin and draw out impurities. You may experience more breakouts at first but after a few days this will settle down.

■Orange rinds: Mix equal parts grated orange rind (dried), plain yogurt and rosewater. You could also make a paste with ground peels (dried) and milk (keep on skin for about an hour before washing off).

■Pineapple juice: Apply to trouble spot.

■Sandalwood: Make a thick paste with equal parts sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and milk. Apply then leave overnight and wash off in the morning.

■Tea tree oil: Dab directly onto trouble spot with a q-tip.

■Toothpaste: (not gel) Just a dab will do ya, apply then let dry overnight.

■Turmeric: Mix turmeric with a bit of milk or plain yogurt to make a paste then apply to blemish. You could also mix 1/2 teaspoon turmeric with a bit of water to make a paste then apply to trouble spots (4 times per day).

■Witch hazel: Dab directly on pimple 4 or 5 times per day.

Clear Skin Helpers:

■Buttermilk: Apply each day as needed to help clear acne.

■Coconut Oil: Apply a thin layer to skin each day to help fade acne scars.

■Cold brewed tea: Wash skin daily with this.

■Grapefruit Seed Extract: Add a few drops to a mild liquid facial soap and use to wash skin daily. You can also use tea tree oil this way.

■Strawberry leaf infusion: Wash skin with this twice a day, morning and night (1/4 cup strawberry leaves and 1 1/2 cups boiling water, cover and steep for 2 hours then strain and chill before using).

■Tea Tree Oil: Add 10 drops of tea tree to 1 cup of lukewarm water then use to wash face (avoiding eyes).


Do consistent, daily treatments for at least two weeks before determining whether or not this will work for you.

■Apple Cider Vinegar: Wash face with a gentle soap, rinse well, pat dry then wipe with a cloth dipped in apple cider vinegar (once per day).

■Chamomile Infusion: Cover 2 teaspoons dried chamomile flowers with 1 cup boiling water, cover then steep for 10 minutes. Strain, cool and then apply as a lukewarm compress.

■Flaxseed Oil: Consume 1 teaspoon three times daily or try making a facial scrub with ground oatmeal (uncooked) and flaxseed oil then use to gently exfoliate skin.

■Green Tea: Drink at least 2 cups a day and wash skin with it daily (cool after brewing). If you’re new to green tea, you’ll find plenty of info here to get you started. You can also use a 50/50 mix of green tea and chamomile tea as a facial toner.

■Lavender Infusion: Same as the chamomile infusion above but using dried lavender buds instead.

■Rose Water: Wash face daily with rose water. One recipe you can try: For every 1 firmly packed cup of petals, pour 2 cups boiling water over top. Cover and steep until the liquid is cool. Strain, squeeze out the liquid from the petals, and refrigerate the rose water in a sterilized jar. You’ll find more recipes here.


*First published May 8, 2007 and moved to this page for better organization

Try a facial steam bath first (instructions below) then use the recipe, this will open up the pores as well as soften up the blackheads for easier removal.

1 TBS Unflavored gelatin

1 1/2 TBS Milk

■Mix together the gelatin and milk then heat in the microwave for about 12 seconds. Remove from microwave and stir with a wooden stir stick (a clean one!). Generously apply to problem areas on the face. Be careful not to apply too close to the eyes.

■Let completely dry (between 15 to 30 minutes) then carefully peel it off. The gunk clogging your pores will be stuck on the peel, the result is similar to the expensive removal strips you can buy.

■After removing the peel, wash face in very cold water to close the pores.

Facial Steam Bath:

First wash your face with facial cleansing soap and water. Then fill a bowl with boiling water and place your face down close to the water to be near the heat. Cover your head with a towel to trap the steam around your face, stay put for about 10 minutes then make and apply the treatment peel above.

■Optional: Add tea bags or Epsom salt or dried lavender to the boiling water.

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