Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fabulous & Frugal Discovery

I must share some fabulous info that I have discovered.....  All You Magazine.  This is the ultimate magazine for frugal folks.  They have beauty and diet info, stories from folks who have scraped their way out of debt. Lots of coupons in each issue, and crafty things and recipes to make.  I guess the part I like the best is knowing there is a resource available for like minded folks, who just want to live the best they can without spending a ton of cash.  I love to read frugal blogs, but I do not have a smart phone, my only internet is at my house.  So it is wonderful to have a magazine to take along to Doctor or other appointments, or anytime you are just sitting in the car waiting on someone.  The price of the subscription is not bad either...  and you use those coupons and you have paid for your subscription price.  It's a win-win situation.
Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day

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