Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going to the Lake

This Saturday I am going to the lake. Here is a list of my must have items.

Beach Towels, and an old pillow
these are crucial items for lounging in the shade.

Sunscreen...need I say more? Remember to apply and re-apply

Large Cooler... to keep my drinks and goodies cold

Water... and Chrystal Light on the go packets (various flavors)
drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. I like to stick my water bottles in the freezer the night before so they are nice and ice cold.

Sandwiches... Probably take Ham or home made Tuna. Keep these in the cooler, and away from the sun. Don't want to risk any food poisoning.

Fruit... Cut up Cantelope and Watermelon, keep this in the cooler as well.

Miscellaneous Snacks.. granola bars and string cheese

A good book and a smutty tabloid... Smutty tabloids to read about other people's torrid lives and be thankful my life is better (on many levels) Also it is fun to make fun of the outfits that the stars of Hollywood are sporting these days. A good book for relaxing after swimming.

I intend on having a fabulous day at the lake.

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