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The Best Time To Buy...........

This is an excellent article chock full of information on the best time to buy stuff....  I found this article over at the Dollar

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The Question

My grandma used to have a sheet of paper on the refrigerator with the best time to buy certain items. It was listed by months. All I can remember from it is that January was linens and towels. Can you help? Thanks!


Grocery Products

With 5 years experience in doing layouts for supermarket circulars for the largest chain in NYC, here are some basics:

•Frozen Food - March is nations frozen food month. Always great sales.

•Dairy - June is national dairy month. Not quite as big a deal as Frozen Food month.

•BBQ Products (ketchup, mustard, relish, salad dressings, napkins, etc.): Early in the summer. These companies want to fill your pantry so you don't buy any competitors products all summer. Good time to stock up a years worth.

•Beverages (soda, beer, juice drinks, apple juice): All summer especially around holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and July 4th. Also usually good prices on large size items (like 2 liter soda) during holiday sales in other months.

•Baking needs (flour, sugar, corn/vegetable oil, aluminum foil, etc): Thanksgiving and December Holidays. This is also a good time to stock up on holiday related items that you like to eat all year such as cranberries and canned yams.

•Italian products (ricotta, mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, olive oil): Christmas, Easter and Columbus Day. Holiday stockup goes for all ethnic products, such as Chinese products at Chinese New Years, Jewish products during Rosh Hashana and Passover, etc.

•It is also good to follow what is going on in the world too for indications of what will happen in the store. There is currently a butter shortage, so stock up on butter ASAP. It freezes really well. Also stock up on any items made with butter. Items that can't be stocked up on, just buy now and enjoy them as you won't be buying it again for awhile.


Listed by Type of Item

Garden tools - February/April (Look for up to 50% off on things like rakes, hoes, and shovels then.)

Linens and towels - January/February and July/August (discontinued fall and spring merchandise)

Landscape plants:

- January (indoor plants)

- March through October (perennials and annuals)

- March through May (shrubs, trees, and rosebushes)

- September (fall bulbs)

- February/March (spring bulbs)

Kitchenware and small appliances - Mother's Day shopping in May or after holidays

Furniture - December (Supposedly, furniture sales slow down for the holidays.)

Carpeting - January and February

China and Flatware - March and September (on last season's styles)

Hardware - December and during June's Father's Day specials


- March for spring patterns

- September for fall patterns

Flowerpots, Statuary, and Barbeques - During the winter

Major Appliances - No special time of year was given, just to consider buying floor-demonstration models and to ask the larger chains for bigger discounts when making major purchases. The worst thing that could happen is that they'd say no.

Paint - May through August (during hot weather!)

Building Supplies - There's no way to predict times for sales prices. Your best bet for saving money is to look for free cutting, delivery, and other service perks.

Cleaning Supplies and Pantry Staples - January or August/September

Patio Furniture - February and late August

Brookes E.

Listed by Month

I found this in The Book of Secrets. I think it's exactly what Alisa was looking for. Here's a month-by-month schedule for dedicated bargain hunters:


* After-Christmas sales.

* Appliances

* Baby carriages

* Books

* Carpets and rugs

* China and glassware

* Christmas cards

* Costume jewelry

* Furniture

* Furs

* Lingerie

* Men's overcoats

* Pocketbooks

* Preinventory sales

* Shoes

* Toys

* White goods (sheets, towels, etc,)


* Air Conditioners

* Art supplies

* Bedding

* Cars (used)

* Curtains

* Furniture

* Glassware and china

* Housewares

* Lamps

* Men's apparel

* Radios, TV sets, and stereos

* Silverware

* Sportswear and equipment

* Storm windows

* Toys


* Boys' and girls' shoes

* Garden supplies

* Housewares

* Ice skates

* Infants' clothing

* Laundry equipment

* Luggage

* Ski equipment


* Fabrics

* Hosiery

* Lingerie

* Painting supplies

* Women's shoes


* Handbags

* Housecoats

* Household linens

* Jewelry

* Luggage

* Mothers' Day specials

* Outdoor furniture

* Rugs

* Shoes

* Sportswear

* Tires and auto accessories

* TV sets


* Bedding

* Boy's clothing

* Fabrics

* Fathers' Day specials

* Floor coverings

* Lingerie, sleepwear and hosiery

* Men's clothing

* Women's shoes

July * Air conditioners and other appliances

* Bathing suits

* Children's clothes

* Electronic equipment

* Fuel

* Furniture

* Handbags

* Lingerie and sleepwear

* Luggage

* Men's shirts

* Men's shoes

* Rugs

* Sportswear

* Summer clothes

* Summer sports equipment


* Back-to-school specials

* Bathing suits

* Carpeting

* Cosmetics

* Curtains and drapes

* Electric fans and air conditioners

* Furniture

* Furs

* Men's coats

* Silver

* Tires

* White goods

* Women's coats


* Bicycles

* Cars (outgoing models)

* China and glassware

* Fabrics

* Fall fashions

* Garden equipment

* Hardware

* Lamps

* Paints


* Cars (outgoing models)

* China and glassware

* Fall/winter clothing

* Fishing equipment

* Furniture

* Lingerie and hosiery

* Major appliances

* School supplies

* Silver

* Storewide clearances

* Women's coats


* Blankets and quilts

* Boys' suits and coats

* Cars (used)

* Lingerie

* Major appliances

* Men's suits and coats

* Shoes

* White goods

* Winter clothing


* After-Christmas cards, gifts, toys

* Blankets and quilts

* Cars (used)

* Children's clothes

* Christmas promotions

* Coats and hats

* Men's furnishings

* Resort and cruise wear

* Shoes


From "Miserly Moms"

Here is the list from the book Miserly Moms: Living on Onr Income in a Two Income Economy by Jonni McCoy.

January - February: men's shirts, towels, linens, sheets, clothes dryer, used cars, water heaters, art supplies, bicycles, books, curtains, clearance furniture, Christmas wrap and ornaments, toys, meats (turkey, ham), baking items.

March: coats, clothing for all, shoes, TV, washing machines, ski equipment, housewares, artichokes

April - May: dresses, suits, coats, summer clothes, towels, TV, tires, outdoor furniture, paint, tools, garden supplies, summer sports equipment, gift items, artichokes, dairy products, ham, eggs, chicken.

June - July: summer clothes, shoes, air contitioner, school supplies, outdoor furniture, building materials, most furniture, gift items, dairy products, fresh fish, barbecue foods, limes and lemons.

August - September: summer clothes, fall clothes, school clothes, swimwear, school supplies, garden supplies, outdoor furniture, rugs and carpets, bicycles, car batteries and mufflers, seasonal items, season passes, fresh fish, lamb, canned goods

October.: cars from dealerships (buy close to last day of month for best deal), summer sports equipment

November.: men's shirts, water heaters, home improvement supplies, houses are cheaper.

December.: Not a good time to buy anything, until December 26.



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