Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Extreme Cheapskates

TLC has done it again....  I watched this show last night.  Extreme Cheapskates looked at the lives of 4 families, The first guy was a dumpster diver who found wilted roses, and a tea kettle for his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary.... yes he found these "treasure's" in the dumpster.  While he was at a cafe for dinner he would go around to other people's tables and ask them for their left over food.  He embarrassed his wife a couple of different times. 
The second family features a creative way to save on toilet paper.  She makes her own toilet paper out of cloth, her clean cloth's hang right next to the toilet (in her bathroom) and her used cloth's go in a bucket right next to the toilet...  she claims she never has to touch them, just picks up the bucket and dumps them in the wash machine.  This lady has 6 kids and shops at a grocery outlet that deals with expired food, and that is what she feeds her kids along with salad that she picks or forages at the park.
The third story featured a couple that I am actually familiar with...  Jeff Yeager has actually written a couple of books.  The Cheapskate Next Door (and I cannot remember the other one right now.) At various times during the year he goes on a fiscal fast, where he spends absolutely no money for the entire week.  At least not his money...  he does scrounge around for loose change in couch cushions, phone booths, and laundry mats.  Jeff did some bargaining with a butcher for a couple of goat heads that he cooked for he and his wife for dinner.  Jeff was very funny and entertaining...  I enjoyed his take on frugality. 
The last story featured a young man who bartered for different things...  he recited poetry at a donut shop for a donut and coffee, and helped out his friend with bartering who was putting together an engagement party.  He also worked by taking out trash and sweeping at a barber shop so that he could get his hair cut. Very creative ways to work for things that you need. 

This show was completely entertaining and gives a whole new meaning for the definition of Cheapskate....  It was an extreme look at outrageous ways to save a dollar....AND after watching this show, my kids no longer think of me as a cheapskate....

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!

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