Sunday, February 6, 2011


Wow!!!  My life has seriously been a whirl wind since Friday.  My Grandpa planned a trip to Arizona in December I think, and his wife has had some health issues.  He did not want to cancel the trip he really wants to see his daughter who is my aunt, and his granddaughter who is my cousin and their families.  The trip he booked was non-refundable, so he called me and asked me to travel with him.  After calling my boss and getting my schedule figured out.....  I am leaving for Arizona on Thursday.  So, much to do, and pack to get ready, and I seriously was not expecting it or planning on traveling or taking a vacation this month.  I am so grateful and so thankful for my saving account....because all I need to take is spending money.  This is going to be a trip of a life time.  It is going to be great to hang out with my grandpa, and I know he is not going to be around forever he is 83 after all.  And my hope is to really have an awesome time and create some wonderful memories.  I am going to take a butt-load of pictures!!!

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