Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Quit Smoking

I have been cigarette free for 14 days, and I just wanted to share the good news.  I have smoked for 24 years and had been considering quitting for about 3 years.  The deciding factor for me was my mom having a stroke last September, and witnessing first hand her daily struggles as well as physical therapy and her new limitations. 
I am a self proclaimed Fabulous & Frugal woman, also known as a cheapskate, so for quite some time I have had mixed emotions on spending 140 dollars a month for my bad habit and addiction.  Yes! I used coupons to buy my smokes but was suffering from bad breath and stained teeth.  Not to mention the smokers stench.

It has been a rough 2 weeks.  I have been over indulging in french fries.  Also, I have been enjoying (too much) the Dr. Pepper slurpees from my local 7-11, and this has been a daily routine, so I totally need to change this behavior as well before I end up gaining too much weight. I am not going to beat myself up right now.  I am getting day at a time.  Hard candies have been a life savor- literally.  I love those root beer barrels and butterscotch discs.  They have helped immensely. 

I am adjusting to my "new" life as a non smoker and becoming more comfortable with the new routines.  They say it only takes 28 days to change a habit and I am half way there.

I am really looking forward to some health and beauty benefits.  Lowering my risk of heart attack, stroke, COPD, and I can't wait to have more energy.  The beauty benefits I am looking forward to are reduced wrinkles, better skin, fresher breath, whiter teeth, and no more smokers stench.  The very best thing will be the $1680.00 I will save each year!!!

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

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