Friday, September 24, 2010

ahhhh// Chicken Noodle

I am at the tale end of my week, and boy has it been a long one. I am completely ready for a weekend.
Today I made "Chicken Noodle"
I boiled the meat off of 3 1/2 hindquarters that were made on Tuesday
I seasoned the water w/ garlic salt, and pepper
I picked all the meat and skin off of the bones (nice treat for kitty, the skin and bones)
put all the "meat" back into my pot of seasoned water
added 4 stalks of celery/ chopped
added 5 carrots / chopped
cooked these until tender
added 1/2 bag of egg noodles~ cooked to package directions

This was super delish~ Once again my plan was to bring the left-overs to work.....and there was nothing left. I brought a sandwich to work.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

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