Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Save Money at the Eye Doctor

Ok, I find this to be rather irritating......  My daughter goes to the eye doctor for her annual exam, she usually wears contacts but needs to get glasses as back up.  She has not had a new pair of  glasses in about 3 years, so she is completely over due.  She is trying to pick out frames, and comes across ones that she likes and is going to go ahead and get them.  My daughter then calls me at work because the eye tech wants her to get "anti glare" on the lenses, evidently our insurance no longer pays for this, and the cost is 108 dollars out of my pocket.  My daughter calls me to find out if this is something that she should get, and I can hear the eye tech in the background.....telling my daughter that she had it on her last glasses so she should probably get it this time too.....  I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!
How in the world are we ever going to be able to save any money?  Our Insurance is expensive enough, and yes, the coverage continues to diminish and the deductibles continue to rise. 
Here is another scenario, at the dentist office ~~Same thing.  We get 2 "free" ...... (and I use the word "free" with extreme caution here because my insurance rates just went up again in January) cleanings in a year's time on our insurance policy.....  every stinking time I go there.... they want to take x-rays, and do a bunch of other stuff.  I finally told them the last time I was in there, that I was only there for the cleaning and that is all I wanted at that office visit and that I am not paying for anything extra.
How can we make these people understand that I do not want payments nor do I want to owe them anything above and beyond what I already pay for Insurance? 
I know that it is important to have insurance and to take care of yourself, I also utilize my "flex" plan at work to help offset some of the other expenses that our insurance does not cover.  But I just find that the ever increasing cost of medical procedures (and lack of coverage) to be ever perplexing.  I feel like there may come a day when you pay your insurance but can no longer afford to see the doctor, dentist, or eye doctor. 

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

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  1. That is exactly what I did when I had insurance. I had nothing left over to pay for a doctors visit so I canceled the insurance. I hate our health care in America. It's an insane system. Some have full coverage with very little out of pocket. Others struggle to keep up with payments and stay healthy, while others just die early.