Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biggest Wastes of Money

I have decided that two of the biggest wastes of money are breast augmentation and hair extensions.  In this day and age of  the Victoria Secret Miraculous Push-up Bra and all the other brands out there you can add 2 full cup sizes.  The bra's wash and wear well and according to a study in April's ShopSmart.... the testers were pleased with the results.  The other bra's that made the list were Lily of France, Maidenform, and Wonder Bra.  Seriously ladies, with results like these and the prices are between 30 and 65 dollars....  Why would you spend thousands for a surgery???? 
Now, lets talk hair extensions.  I just can't see paying hundreds of dollars for hair extensions.  I do understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances such as cancer, or special occasions when you want a pony extender.  But I really feel that the price and the expense of the upkeep are a waste of money.  What ever happened to wearing your hair up if you were having a bad hair day?  There are tons of cute barrettes, claw clips and pony tail holders available for 5 bucks or less. So put on that push up bra and put your hair up.... and stop wasting your hard earned money..... you may even have a new outlook on life. 

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

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