Thursday, April 14, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing has aired on TLC twice now, for the last 2 weeks.  The first week, I was so fascinated by the actual clipping of the coupons and planning of the shopping trips, you have to admit it is rather intriguing.  Then showing the people at the store and then at the checkout counter... Then they show the stock piles of supplies and groceries that the extreme couponers  have in their home, and that is interesting as well.  They are hoarders!!!!!!  I figure in a couple of months the extreme couponers are going to be featured on the TLC show of Hoarders.  My gawd...who needs all that crap in their houses?  Let alone the one gal who had an entire shower stall loaded to the ceiling with toilet paper and paper towels.  Another lady had shelves all over her house including in her children's bedrooms, and stashes of supplies under her kid's beds. 
I do think it is great that the people can save 91 to 98 percent on their grocery bills.  I also think that saving money like that is truly a talent, these people are totally gifted, and should be giving back to their communities.  I am thinking that the local food banks, homeless shelters and various charities could really benefit from the efforts of the extreme couponers.  Seriously why do you need 150 boxes of cereal in your pantry?  And, especially when you are going to go shopping again next week?  Not to mention while there are starving people in the United States.
My hat is off to Nathan, the guy featured this week, who is donating over 50 thousand dollars worth of various products to charity.  He is making care packages for our military men and women who are currently  over seas.  He is working on 1000 care packages, to send over to the troops who are away from home and their families.  I know they will love and appreciate Nathan's efforts to show support to and for them (our troops). 
I personally would love to see more of this on TLC.  Show the extreme couponers, but show them giving back to their communities as well.... that is a much better show.

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