Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Canned Food Sale

Sorry I have not posted for awhile, I have been working and had to go out of town for a few days.
Recently I shopped a local grocery store for the fall canned food sale. I spent 174.00 on canned food and here is a run down of what I ended up with.
1 case of canned evaporated milk (for my senior citizen kitty) and when I run out of regular milk for cooking (no sense running to the store)
1 case of Nalley Chili, my daughter and I love this. I made chili cheese omelettes the other night and they were delish.
1 case of Tuna fish~ I will never have to wonder what kind of sandwich to take to work. I also love tuna and saltine crackers, it is one of my favorite lunches.
1 case of applesauce. I use it for baking and I eat it right out of the can.
1 case of mandarin oranges....I could live off these.
1 case of green beans. I use these in soups and make with dinner.
1 case of corn. I also use these in soups and to make with dinner.
1 case of spaghetti sauce, my daughter mostly uses these, but when I make zuchinni parmesean I always use canned spaghetti sauce.
1 case of diced tomatoes. I use these in spaghetti, and soups.
1 case of tomato sauce. Use for cooking spaghetti, casseroles and soups.
It seems as if I am missing 2 cases of something....but cannot think of what it is.
I am very happy to have my pantry over flowing. The use by dates are in 3 to 4 years for most of it. I am just thankful because with my pantry so full, all I will have to buy at the store is essentials, like bread, milk, potatoes, yogurt, and whatever the loss leaders of the week happen to be. Everyday I feel like packing my lunch, is not such a chore.

Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!

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