Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Packing My Lunch

I just love packing my lunch, and saving. Today I am taking a cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with tomato slices on the side (to avoid the sog factor), A stuffed tomato with tuna and dillweed on top. I seem to have an abundance of tomatos from the garden and am always looking for creative ways to eat them. I also brought a yogurt and 2 little blueberry bars. It seems to me, that not only is it cheaper but it is also healthier to pack your lunch. My plan is at months end....any cash I have left in my purse, will go into my savings account.

Have a Fabuous & Frugal Day!!!!


  1. I checked in to read this moments before packing my own lunch. :) I also try to put any spare money in my savings. I just rolled all my coins and took them to the bank. I might as well earn a teeny tiny bit of interest on the $47.50 I scrounged up. Aren't the interst rates on saving accounts and CD's sad these days?

  2. That is so cute... there have been times after cashing in my cans and bottles that I have taken 7.00 to the bank to put in my savings account....and YES, the interest rates are completely lame.